The CORE Institute’s Urgent Ortho clinics deliver fast care for orthopedic injuries

We’ve all been there at one time or another: ending an afternoon bike ride abruptly because of a throbbing ankle, wrestling with the family dog and losing after a knee gives way, or simply getting out of bed and feeling seizing back pain.

Orthopedic injuries can happen in a split second, but help for them is not always so instant. That’s where The CORE Institute’s Urgent Ortho clinics come in, bringing much-needed, fast relief to patients.

Walk-in care


The CORE Institute offers Urgent Ortho in Arizona and Michigan, where patients can walk in and receive care from orthopedic experts with no appointment needed.

“If you’ve hurt your ankle, and you’re wondering if there’s a problem, you’ve previously had two choices,” said Dr. Mark Campbell, a Fellowship Trained Orthopedic Surgeon at The CORE Institute. “You could go to the emergency room, but that may be the highest-risk COVID-19 option right now. You could also go to your primary care physician, but that office may be focused on caring for sick patients and harder to get into as a result. While seeing a primary care physician is a good option, afterward it might be necessary to order imaging or refer you to an orthopedic specialist. With Urgent Ortho, we offer patients direct access to see an orthopedist first and avoid multiple appointments.”

The CORE Institute’s Urgent Ortho clinics welcome patients with all kinds of orthopedic injuries including sports injuries, sprains and strains, fractures, back and neck injuries, hand and wrist injuries, shoulder, knee and hip injuries and much more. Patients can walk in and see an orthopedic specialist with little to no wait, receive imaging and have their injuries addressed and treated. If necessary, they’ll schedule follow-up visits with orthopedists who have sub-specialties related to the injury.


The CORE Institute Urgent Ortho Clinics opened in 2020 and so far have helped over 1,800 patients.


“Since the start of the pandemic, we know hospital ER’s have been focusing their efforts on treating those with COVID-19 symptoms and we wanted to do our part to help ease the burden.  By allowing patients to avoid the hospital, it allows the providers in the ER to focus on those with COVID-19 related symptoms and those with orthopedic conditions to stay out of the ER altogether.  From that perspective alone, it’s been a great program,” Dr. Campbell said. “We heard stories of people who had injuries or problems, and they were having trouble being seen in an ER. We saw a need.”

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