Read The Inspirational “Now I Can” Stories of Our Patients

At The CORE Institute, we love hearing how our patients Keep Life In Motion. We know our patients have achieved incredible things after being treated by one of our orthopedic or spine specialists. Now, we want to share their stories with you.

Our goal is to help inspire other patients who are dealing with pain or injury by showing them what they can achieve.  Please read some of our patients incredible stories below.

Kennedy's Now I Can Story

Kennedy Basham, ranked No. 9 among all post players in her class, had two successful ankle surgeries at The CORE Institute and is now on her way to the University of Oregon to play as a power forward on their Women’s Basketball team.  Find out how.

Lauren's Now I Can Story

Lauren’s life is dedicated to fitness. While training, Lauren had an injury and felt immediate pain in her lower neck. Her physician at The CORE Institute recommended trigger point injections as the first course of treatment. Lauren noticed significant improvement within the next couple of days and now she’s back in the gym.  Find out how.

Dan's Now I Can Story

Dan Molargik has been riding dirt bikes since he was a teenager. Over the years, he has broken 16 bones (a few more than once) in his body. At 56 years old, the injuries caught up to him and brought his passion for motocross to a halt. That is until he visited The CORE Institute.  Find out how.

Ashley's Now I Can Story

For nearly a year, Ashley saw doctors and specialists and tried almost everything including medication, physical and psychological therapies, injections and nerve ablation to stop the pain.  Now, she is healthy and back on the court. Find out how.

Anthony's Now I Can Story

Anthony is a personal trainer who made it his mission in life to help others get healthy. But when he injured his knee, he could not do many of the simple things he needed to do to stay in shape. Now, Anthony is back helping others and doing what he loves. Find out how.

Sara's Now I Can Story

Sara is a 4th grade teacher who has dedicated her life to teaching children.  However, pain in her hands and wrists made it difficult for her to write on the board or hold a book.  Now, she is back to doing what she loves and was awarded Teacher of the Year!  Find out how.

Karyn's Now I Can Story

Karyn has been an avid runner for most of her life, dating back to her running cross-country in high school.   However, after a knee injury she was not able to run without pain.  The surgeons at The CORE Institute offered her an innovative new procedure and now she is back to full speed.  Find out how.

Susan's Now I Can Story

Susan is an active woman who loves her Peloton.  But after tearing her left hamstring due to a fall at work, she was unsure if she would ever ride again.  But, just weeks after surgery she was back on the bike and better than ever.  Find out how.

Mary's Now I Can Story

Mary battled for years through pain until she realized she had to take action to save the lifestyle she loved.  Just 7 weeks after her surgery, Mary went out for her first ride. Find out how.

John's Now I Can Story

Throughout his life, John Lopez has always been active in running, the gym or kickboxing.  However, John began to develop arthritis in both his knees, which made it painful for him to do the things he loved. After his nee replacement surgery, he was back in the gym in 8 weeks. Find out how.

Vincent's Now I Can Story

Vincent’s motorcycle malfunctioned, and he was thrown from the bike,  smashing his right hand  into a pole. Hospital surgeons told Vincent’s wife that he may need to undergo amputation.  The physicians at The CORE Institute saved his hand from amputation and Vincent is back to playing guiatar.  Find out how.
mark now i can

Mark's Now I Can Story

As he got older, constant pain in his shoulders limited Mark’s ability to do what he loved and affected his everyday life.  After surgeons at The CORE Institute performed an innovative joint replacement procedure, Mark is back on the field with his grandchildren.  Find out how.

Sheldon's Now I Can Story

For nearly 50 years, Sheldon led an active lifestyle until his knee pain hindered his ability to perform his favorite pastimes. Through Mako™ robotic-arm assisted joint replacement surgery, physicians at The CORE Institute were able to alleviate Sheldon’s knee pain.  Find out how.