For 66 year old Susan, age is only a number.  She has been active throughout her life and recently discovered a love for her Peloton.  But, a fall at work sent her to the Emergency Room with an injury to her leg.  After going to the ER, she returned to The CORE Institute, where she had undergone successful shoulder surgery years earlier.  This time, her surgeon let her know that she had torn her proximal hamstring in her left leg, which needed to be surgically repaired.

Her main concern was whether or not she would be able to get back on her Peloton.  To her delight, her surgeon let her know that recumbent bike riding was a normal component of physical therapy after a hamstring repair.  Susan was back on her Peloton doing low resistance rides just 3 weeks after surgery.

After physical therapy and riding at home, Susan returned to her normal routine of riding 4-5 times per week for 45 minutes.  She was even able to complete the Rocky Horror Picture Show Ride she had looked forward to all year.

“I was back to my normal rides about 12 weeks after surgery and I think I am more flexible now than I was before surgery.”

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